$218,152 in online revenue!

I just got off the phone with Rob, a Shopify biz owner who was able to grow his online store from $22k to $100k/mo in just 90 days of us working together.

When Rob first reached out to me, he was spending countless hours in front of his computer trying to manage nearly everything within his store himself: inventory, advertising campaigns, dev work, customer service, and more. He had hit a point where he could no longer scale his paid advertising campaigns without performance dropping off a cliff... and desperately needed to free up time to focus on raising capital. Rob also wanted to get his monthly revenue up, in order to produce more available cash flow for his business and hire some new team members.

Back in March, he was generating $22k/mo, which was enough to cover a freelance designer and social media manager. Although they were all doing good work, the communication was unclear, there were no processes or systems in place, and everyone was scrambling to launch promotions down to the very last minute, which was causing a lot of stress on the whole team.

Rob knew that he didn't have the right management skills or time to lead the marketing team himself, but also didn't have enough cash flow yet to bring in a full-time CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)...that's when he reached out to me.

Here's what we did: we first completed our "Pathway to Revenue" Business Audit, an expert-level business review that will expose the true KPIs for your business and a detailed understanding of the channels, landing pages, products, funnels, and flows that are filling up or draining business profitability. Rob was blown away by how much the COGS for his most popular product was negatively affecting his total gross margin. We worked with him to update his pricing to reflect the true value of the product, which resulted in an immediate increase in CVR and volume of sales.

From there, we were able to implement strategic workflows and systems so that the design and social teams had more time to come up with engaging creatives and copy, and Rob had hours of time back to focus on working "on the business" instead of within it.

In just 90 days, all of the optimizations we made to the marketing strategy resulted in Rob hitting his first $100K month, with enough cash flow to hire 4 new full-time team members!

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