Why You Should Hire An Outsourced CMO

Most people are familiar with the term "CMO", but if it's new to you, it simply means: Chief Marketing Officer. Decades ago, when offices were filled with blinding white lights and cubicles, this person would usually have a corner office and report directly to the CEO to lead all communication and marketing efforts. Traditionally, CMOs have also been responsible for managing teams of people that deploy these marketing efforts, such as the design or media buying team.

As the world has evolved, so has the role of a CMO. As I write this in October of 2021, it is expected that 1 in 4 Americans are still working from home, and many large companies have announced that they will keep their workforce entirely remote or in some cases, adopting a hybrid model. One thing has become glaringly true: with the help of technology like Zoom & Slack, workers have proved that they can be productive and complete their work at home.

From a marketing standpoint, the way that people consume and share information has also changed. New channels such as TikTok have over 130 million users in the US only. There are rising costs of media on channels like Facebook & Instagram, with CPCs over $2 for advertisers who are running poorly optimized creatives. The younger generation has a shorter attention span than ever before, and older folks are growing less trusting of the internet due to scams and privacy concerns. Amidst all of this... as a business owner, how do you stay relevant and keep your marketing as effective as it was before?

The answer lies in a new innovative type of partner that we call: Your Offsite CMO™ - this is a highly knowledgable marketing executive who works with your company to lead, manage, and scale your marketing efforts. In some cases, our clients have a CMO in-house with a more traditional marketing background, that we work with directly to help them understand the intricacies of digital marketing in 2021. In other cases, we are the intermediary between the CEO and more junior marketing teams to clarify the business KPIs and optimize the marketing strategy to meet (and exceed) these goals. Some brands are looking for a part-time partnership, and others need full-time support to make massive change in a short amount of time. 

The beauty of this model is that your success is our business. Without having to pay another expensive salary, your business gets the high-level support it needs to grow online revenue, implement processes, and increase employee productivity. If you already have a marketing agency you like working with, we can manage that relationship for you so that they are being held accountable by someone who understands digital marketing inside and out, which often leads to much better results. 

Does this sound like something that would benefit your business? Click here to take our questionnaire and speak to one of our highly qualified CMO's today.